ProFlex® spring system

In Sweden, ProFlex®, the long-lasting spring technology in Swedish steel, whose strength is globally recognized, stands as the ultimate product for keeping the spine in the right position during sleep. ProFlex®, a 5-zone spring system designed in Sweden, has different stiffness in 5 different areas to support sensitive parts of the body.

ProFlex®, made from world-famous solid Swedish steel as a result of the quality and high purity of iron ore in Sweden and its technical and expertise dating back to the centuries, offers a high level of quality and durability.

Unlike traditional spring systems, the ProFlex® Spring System provides a perfect match between regions due to different technical applications with the same thread thickness. ProFlex® provides an ideal sleeping environment for everyone. Thanks to the controlled backrest, ProFlex® adapts to the natural shape of your back and creates a healthy sleeping position.

5 Zone Spring System ProFlex®, which is a 5-zone spring system produced and designed in Sweden, has different hardness in 5 different regions to support sensitive parts of the body. The springs with different stiffness, lined in accordance with human anatomy, provide an ergonomic bearing surface by carrying the shoulders, vertebrae and hip area separately. Unlike regular springs, it maintains the natural curve of the body during sleep, providing a comfortable sleep by getting the muscles to relax.