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Småland, a mattress where the timeless classic pleasures meet the latest technology, is a produced with breathable materials to enhance your sleeping pleasure.

Småland, covered with 100% natural cotton woven fabric, has camel wool on one side and natural silk on the other side wrapping you in a comfortable and soft sleep.

The distinctive feature of Småland mattresses is the nature inspired camel wool. It balances the ambient temperature of your sleeping environment while keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Another feature that enhances the comfort your Hälsa Småland mattress offers is the silk material that has preserved its value for thousands of years, providing a natural comfort and a unique softness. Due to its air permeable characteristic, perspiration decreases to a minimum level thus REM sleep quality increases.

ProFlex® Spring System

ProFlex®, a durable spring technology manufactured in Sweden, stands out as the best product to keep the spine in the correct position during sleep. This spring system designed in Sweden, has different rigidity springs to support your body’s sensitive areas.

Camel Wool

It is known for its temperature balancing feature, which works perfectly in the desert conditions with very high temperature difference between day and night. The camel wool used in Hälsa mattresses keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.


Another feature which increases your comfort is the silk material that has held its value for thousands of years and adjusts to ambient temperature keeping you cool during the summer. Silk also helps your mattress to adapt to your body movements quickly…

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